Swimming Upstream (for us as families)

A little reminder to return to our family


I think families are constantly assaulted and bombarded by the current of cultural messages:  "sign up for more activities," "go on better vacations," "earn more awards at school," "do this all while looking perfect and happy."  Moms and dads are swept away by the pressures from school and sports teams and fellow parents and their own expectations of being a "good parent."  Kids and teens are pushed and pulled by social media, peers, teachers, coaches and their own internal doubts and insecurities.  And the end result is often families who are fragmented, disconnected and distressed.


As in the last post, I want to suggest a few "pillars" to put in place for your family so that you can withstand the pressures of the current, and continually return to the closeness and comfort of being a family together:


Values.  What are the core values that define you as a family?  You might want to spend time together creating your vision and mission as a family.  What do you want to be about?


Self-Care.  How are you pursuing health and wholeness as a family?  Are you taking time to rest and engage in healthy habits (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually)?  What would it take for you to instill self-care into your family?


Soul Friendships.  Who is with you on this journey?  Are you spending time with other families or just competing against them?  As parents, who is supporting you and encouraging you along?


I encourage you to take some time and reflect on these three areas of your life.  Maybe you can think of one or two other areas that feel like strong pillars in the midst of rushing water.  This is vital; definitely not easy, but vital.


Stay rooted and grounded,


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Rooted & Grounded

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