Swimming Upstream (for us as helping professionals)

A little work revival


For those of us working in various helping professions, we often find our jobs and careers to be meaningful, satisfying and fulfilling.  I bet there are times during the week when we say to ourselves, "This [interaction, experience, client, etc.] is WHY I do my job."  At the same time, I'd put money on the reality that we have just as many (if not more) moments when we feel burned out, stuck, overwhelmed or even apathetic.  We have little to no desire to do our jobs or care for others or offer hope and encouragement when we are feeling completely depleted.


And then we look around at colleagues or supervisors or friends in similar fields and they seem to be just thriving.  So we hide our insecurities and exhaustion for fear that we don't have it all together the way others do.


As in the last post, I want to suggest a few "pillars" to put in place for your work and your practice, so that you can feel revived and remember why you chose this vocation in the first place:


Values.  What are the vision, mission and values of your practice?  Why do YOU work the way you do?  What defines your work, and what do you want to be about as a helping professional?


Self-Care.  What steps are you taking to actively care for yourself?  We tell our clients this all the time but are we living this out?  What boundaries do you need to set?  What can you say no to so that you can say yes to something else?


Soul Friendships.  Who do you lean on when you feel disheartened or discouraged?  Who do you call/text and say, "I felt like an awful therapist/pastor/teacher/leader today" and know that you will be heard and loved?


I encourage you to take some time to reflect on these three areas, not only for your health and wholeness, but for those you serve as well.  This is vital; definitely not easy, but vital.


Stay rooted and grounded,


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