Creativity | An Inside Job

What does creativity look like for you?


I think there is a huge amount of value in being intentional, and so each month we're going to look at and consider and question and explore one particular theme.  And the first theme that came into my mind to begin is Creativity.


I am a firm believer in the power of creating, whether that is a meal or a relationship or a tangible piece of clothing or furniture or art.  There is something healing about making something out of (seemingly) nothing, and using our own hands and skills and intellect to do so.  It actually changes our brain chemistry and enhances our mental capacity.  


So for you as an individual, what might "creating" look like?  Every day, we have the opportunity to create or to consume.  Of course, we must consume certain things in order to survive.  But is that all?  Do we just take and take and take, without considering what we are giving?


Here are a few questions for you to consider if you'd like to pursue more creativity in your life:


- What energizes me?  What gets me up early and keeps me up late?


- What is my personality drawn to do?  (For more insight into your personality, consider completing an assessment like the MBTI or the Enneagram.)


- What keeps me from spending time creating?


- Where could I stop consuming and do more creating?


With you and for you,