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I’ll admit that some time has passed between my last blog post and now, partly due to being on vacation and partly due to a new season of working and teaching and getting a rhythm in place.  Thanks for your patience!


Despite the lapse in writing, I still come back to this theme of “creativity” and I’m going to carry this out for a few more weeks.  Let’s consider what creativity might mean for families.


One of the most repeated complaints that I hear in my office is that families feel deprived of time together, of time away from electronics and screens, and of actually having fun together instead of arguing or driving from one thing to the next.  There is no space for creativity in a place packed with commitments and full schedules and sitting in traffic.


I truly believe that given the time and space, families can come up with a hundred different ways to spend time together, so ideas and activities are certainly not in short supply. What is lacking is the margin to enjoy those activities and make those ideas a reality.


So, with that, a few questions for you and your family to talk about:


- What are we doing too much of?  Not enough of?

- What do we need to say no to, in order to create more margin for fun and creativity?

- What gets in the way of setting boundaries to protect our family time?

- When our kids grow up/get older, what would we regret not doing with them while they were younger/living at home?


Chase after this- it means too much!


With you and for you,


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