Helping Professionals | What Are You Chasing After?

And will it benefit your clients?

How many times have you been talking with a group of colleagues and thought to yourself, “%*&#!! I haven’t been trained in that! I haven’t even heard of that certification but it sounds really important.  Will I ever be successful if I don’t go to that seminar?!”


If you have, then you are certainly not alone.  Happened to me today, in fact.  I hate when suddenly I question my career and value as a therapist because someone mentioned the latest conference they attended or book they read or technique they tried.  Why does that scatter me in ten different directions, rather than prompt me to celebrate what my colleague learned or enjoy hearing about a new development in the field?


Generally, this happens to me when I’ve lost sight of what I’m really going after in my work, or when I’m doubting that I have what it takes to go after it.


As helping professionals, I believe that a part of us genuinely wants to do just that: help.  But I believe we still have to hold a strong, clear vision of how we are each uniquely gifted to help in our own unique ways.  I could attend every seminar and training and workshop imaginable, but if my intention and vision for my practice is non-existent or underdeveloped, I’ll be chasing after certifications and titles without doing much helping.  And chances are, the way I see myself as a therapist will ebb and flow depending on how skilled I feel.


What if each of us clarified and nurtured and chased after a vision and intention for our work, for the sake of truly serving our clients?  Yes, trainings and workshops and the like can support that vision; I caution against using those to define your vision.


Chase after what matters in your work and set intentions that are worth pursuing because others need that.  Clients don’t need a helper who is well-versed in every methodology under the sun; clients need a helper who has a vision and intention of how healing is possible and holds out a clear hope for a better life.


Let’s chase that together,



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