About My practice

One of the values of my practice is "Hospitality," and I make an intentional effort to create a space for clients that feels like a comfortable living room:  welcoming, warm and safe.

The Space

There are several ways that I focus on creating a hospitable space for my clients:

  • I have water, coffee, tea (and even hot chocolate!) always available.
  • I have a "toolbox" of fidget toys, ready to use for clients of all ages who need something to keep their hands occupied as we talk.
  • I regularly clean the well-used parts of my office space (i.e. door handles, toys, beverage dispensers, etc.) to prioritize health and safety.
  • I am open to further suggestions about how to make the space more welcoming! 

Sessions Outside the Office

If for any reason you are not able to attend a session in-person (i.e. illness, injury, etc.), yet are still able to participate in a therapy session, we can arrange a remote session over the phone or via video conference.  This is not intended to replace in-person sessions and is only meant to be limited to specific situations.


Rooted & Grounded



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Alair Olson, M.A.

 Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist



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