Workshops & Retreats

As part of my practice's value of wholeness, I often recommend participating in outside workshops or retreats that will support the work we are doing in therapy.

For Couples

Hold Me Tight Couples' Retreats

 These retreats are based on the book Hold Me Tight:  Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love, by Dr. Sue Johnson.  During this two-day retreat, couples work through the content of this book through didactic and experiential learning.  Couples learn how and why they find themselves stuck in the same struggles, as well as how to have difficult conversations in ways that actually strengthen their relationship and bring them closer together.

For Parents

Cooperative Parenting San Diego

 Cooperative Parenting San Diego offers a three-part workshops series for parents who want to build a healthy, sustainable co-parenting relationship.  Workshop series occur monthly in a variety of locations around San Diego, and the completion of these workshops is recognized by San Diego Superior Court Judges.


Kids' Turn San Diego- Family Workshops

These workshops are for divorced/separated families and include parents and children together.  Offered monthly, these workshops help "children discover their voice to communicate their thoughts and feelings about their family situation" and support parents in learning "new skills and strategies to improve family relationships in positive ways." 


For Kids & Teens

Camp Erin San Diego

This fantastic camp serves children and teens ages 6-17, who have experienced the death of a loved one.  "At Camp Erin, kids honor and memorialize their loved one, meet friends who are facing similar circumstances, build coping skills, and have fun."


For Personal Growth

Women's Creative Workshop

I am so excited to partner with my good friends and colleagues Devon DuBois and Andrea Knox, to offer creative workshops for women.  Check back soon for more details about our upcoming workshop in September! 

For Helping Professionals